Le BHV Marais

52 rue de Rivoli, 75189 Paris

Shop like a Parisian!

Experience the Parisian style right in the heart of Paris, at the famous LE BHV MARAIS, THE PARISIANS’ FAVORITE DEPARTMENT STORE.

Did you know that the Parisians shop at Le BHV? About 80% of the department store visitors are locals.

Over 500 brands in fashion, beauty, leather goods, accessories, jewelry and footwear. Le BHV Marais is the shopping destination for the cutting-edge fashion.

Le BHV Marais was founded in 1856 and all these years continued to amaze its clientele. Impeccable style and the choice for the most sophisticated customer is what makes Le BHV Marais stand out. Le BHV is located at the Marais district—the epicenter of trends, cosmopolitan and inspiring life, with a mix of history, museums, night life, shopping...

The department store is huge. It has a retail space of 45,000 sq.m. In addition to fashion and beauty brands, it has some 2,000 brand names for all types of everyday needs: home, DIY, leisure activities, food and even hardware...In short, your very own lifestyle temple.

Head to Le BHV Marais for inspiration and amazing shopping experience. See the brands on Le BHV website.

For those looking for a great choice of beauty brands, Le BHV Marais is the place to be: brands like Aésop, Kiehl’s, Absolution, Too Cool For School… as well as the iconic names of Chanel, Dior and Guerlain and their exclusives. Stop by and indulge in services such as the Kure nail bar and the Clarins SPA.

Something for men, too! Not just "something", but a whole building devoted to menswear, 5 floors for men with over 200 brands of accessories, leather goods, shoes, fashion, jewelry and fragrances. On top of that, there are 5 luxury boutiques dedicated solely to gentlemen: Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, Moncler, Valentino, and 2 sportswear boutiques for men: Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren.

Le BHV Marais has 40 pop-up shops per year, with new brands, designers and exclusive international previews.

To complete your experience at this chic department store, MARAIS will tickle your taste buds with some of the most fashionable gourmet names: L’Artisan de la Truffe, L’Eclair de Génie, 3 concepts restaurants in the Cour Bleue courtyard.

Not yet convinced? Come and discover some of the best views in Paris! Perchoir Marais, one of the most famous rooftops in Paris, with its magical atmosphere and magnificent panoramas, is open every night after store closing.

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