Visiting Paris in January and February means less people at the museums, great shopping deals during soldes, lower airfares and lower hotel costs. March and April are some of the best months to visit Paris: the weather gets warmer and the city awakens from winter. May is famous for Roland Garros and the European Museum Night event.

June and July are some of the busiest months in Paris with people from all over the world visiting the French capital. August is the vacations month in Europe – many Parisians will leave the city, but visitors from other European country will come to the city. September is one of the best months for a visit to Paris. Less people at the museums, shops, restaurants, but you can still feel the vibrance of the Parisian life. Enjoy the leaves foliage in Paris and nearby in October: consider taking a trip or two to the palaces and castles outside Paris.

November is usually one of the least crowded months in Paris: it gets colder in Paris and it rains often. December is the Christmas markets time, Ferris Wheel at Place de la Concorde, holiday windows at famous Parisian grands magasins.

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