Things to do in Paris in February

February is a great month for visiting Paris if you would like to get the most out of your trip without spending a fortune. Because the weather in Paris is rather cold in February, and February is the least active month for travelers worldwide, the airline tickets will cost less than in spring, summer or autumn. Hotels are also less expensive and you can find a great deal for the best places to stay in the heart of Paris. The sales in Paris department stores and other shops end in February: soldes usually start the 2nd Wednesday in January and last for 5 weeks, until mid-February. Learn more about Shopping in Paris.

Chinese New Year celebrations in Paris are very colorful - join thousands of people who celebrate beginning of a new year in Paris' 3rd arrondissement.

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Cabaret shows in Paris

Lido show with 1/2 bottle of Champagne 21.00

Lido Show with 1/2 bottle of Champagne 23.00

Lido show with 1 glass of Champagne 21.00

Lido show with 1 glass of Champagne 23.00