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Paris museums represent the essence of Paris: its history, the art, fashion, culinary and other sides of the City of Light. Did you know "The City of Light", La Ville Lumière, refers not to the illuminations and bright colors that Paris can also boast, but also to the enlightenment role that Paris has played historically?

Browse museum websites to see if there is a tour around the museum. Some tours are guided, but many museums also have audio tours: some you can only get at the museum, but some museums have apps you can download before the trip. It is a convenient way to explore museums in Paris - no extra cost for the guided tour, most apps have GPS-guided navigation so you can easily figure out what exhibit you are at, and learn about it in your native language.

The Louvre Museum, see Activities and Tour at Louvre
The Orsay Museum, see Events, Collections, Visit, Calendar sections at Musée d'Orsay website
Arc de Triomphe, see Visitor Information.

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Museums tours
Museums tours