Tips and taxes

Things to know about tipping and taxes in Paris.

Tips in taxi

Tips will be expected both in Taxi Parisien and in Uber. It is totally up to you - many travelers tip between €1 and €5. Learn more about taxi in Paris.

Tipping in Paris restaurants

15% service charge and taxes are included in menu prices. When you get your receipt, these will be itemized. You will still be expected to leave some tip to show your appreciation for the service, if it was good. Similar to tipping in taxis, it is not a bad idea to leave between €1 and €5.


If a porter is helping you with the bags, please give him €1 or €2.


There are several VAT (or TVA in French) rates in France. The most common one is 19.6%, but some items like food are taxed at 5.5%. Though for some products VAT can go up to 30%. VAT/TVA needs to be included on a price tag by law, but when in doubt it is always a good idea to double-check with the sales assistant if TVA is included. Learn more about VAT refund in Paris.