Opening hours in Paris

Most shops are closed on Sundays - this includes both supermarkets and retailers like Galeries Lafayette. Some shops may close early on Saturdays. If shopping is one of the key activities you plan in Paris, please take this into account when planning your itinerary in Paris.

During the weekdays shops are usually open from 10am to 7pm. Many (but not all) shops work late on Thursdays, until 9pm. It might be a good idea to check store hours in advance - try Shopping section on our website, or check directly with the store website.

Museums and attractions in Paris: regular hours are 9am to 5pm, some museums are closed every Monday or Tuesday. Some museums are open late on Thursdays. Please check Sights and Museums.

Restaurants: unlike many big cities, most restaurants in Paris service food only during specific hours. Between 12 and 2pm for lunch, and between 7pm and 11pm for dinner. Hours vary.

Google provides accurate hours information - enter "Name Paris hours" and you will get the hours for the store, museum or restaurant you are interested in.

Most attractions, museums, shops are closed on December 25th, January 1st and May 1st.