How to get to Paris from Orly Airport

Orly airport is located 14 km (9 miles) from central Paris. It is easily accessible by taxi, RER trains and buses.


Use only official taxi stands to get to Paris from Orly airport. The stands are easy to find - just follow the taxi information signs. If there is a long waiting line, don't get discouraged as the line moves quickly.

The approximate taxi cost between central Paris and Orly airport is €45-€60.

Traffic in Paris is as famous as some of the Paris attractions. You can be lucky and avoid traffic, or might end up spending hours trying to get to or from the airport. That is why it is important to always allow enough time not to be late for your flight or a meeting in Paris.

Public transportation: RER and buses

Two RER lines connect the Orly airport with central Paris - line B and line C. However, you will need to make a connection either by an automated train or by shuttle bus to get to RER lines. Please consult the map on the Orly website to see what works best for you. Click on the map to see available connections.

Several bus operators will take you to central Paris. Le Cars Air France (you don't need to fly with Air France to use this service) has two routes - one goes to central Paris, the other one connects with Charles de Gaulle airport. Double-check before boarding not to find yourself at the wrong destination.

Prices for bus tickets are €2 - €12.50. Learn more about bus routes.