Public transportation in Paris

Paris has a very convenient public transportation system, but it is easy to get confused by the types of tickets, zones, what type of transport goes where.


Paris metro covers most of the city. It runs frequently, easy to understand even if you don't speak French. There are 16 lines with 300 stops, each has a number and a color. Learn more about the types of tickets, how to use metro in Paris and how much metro tickets cost.

Download Paris Metro Map


RER is a network of trains that services Paris and suburbs. It has 5 lines, each is identified by a letter. RER can be used within central Paris - it has fewer stops than metro, making it faster to get to the destination. You can use the same ticket you'd use for metro to travel within zone 1. If you need to go beyond zone 1, you'd need another ticket. Learn more.



Paris has a tramway system. It is managed by RATP, the same organization that runs metro and RER.

Most attractions and places to visit in Paris are located within central Paris. Metro is often the best choice to get around. If you don't want to spend your time studying every map of Paris public transportation, consider using their Route Planner or use Google Maps: choose Directions, and then Public Transit.